Give with art– March 12, 2022

I have found a great initiative to contribute to Ukraine: GiveWithArt. Artists and galleries donate at least 50% of the sale of an artwork to charity. I choose Unicef.  If you want to read more, look at this website

For this I selected the painting ‘Building a sandcastle’. Kids just playing in the sand. That is how it should be. Stop this war!

This painting is now SOLD! I donated €212,50 to Unicef. 

Art Eindhoven – March 4, 2022

On Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 April, Art Eindhoven takes place in the industrial Klokgebouw building at Strijp S in Eindhoven. Artists will show a selection of their finest artworks. And of course I will be there too with a selection of my works! Look at for more info. Would you like to come and have a look? Subscribers to my newsletter receive a 100% discount code. If you want to subscribe to my newsletter, look here

Atelier Artmagazine – February 25, 2022
Hello from page 22 in Atelier Artmaganzine!

Beauty is just around the corner – January 15, 2022

Beautiful right, and for me only a 10-minute bike ride away.

I tried out a new water mixable oil paint today. I like the idea of not having to use white spirit anymore!



Perspective and light – January 6, 2022

Perspective and light. That is what I hope 2022 will bring. Best wishes to all!


202150 Perspectief en ochtendlicht
202149 Reflection of morning light

Looking back – December 27, 2021

From my perspective as a painter 2021 was a great year. Painting was one of the things that was still possible during corona. Nature did not care much about it either. I like plein air painting very much! I saw beauty in each season. The bright green and blue of spring, the sunshine of summer, the colours of autumn and the snow and frost of winter. I have made almost 50 landscape paintings this year. Several have been sold. It is very nice to make other people happy with a painting. On to 2022!

Art gallery ARTACASA – December 10, 2021

What a beautiful art gallery Artacasa is! And even better, as of today five of my paintings are on display and for sale there! If you happen to be in Amsterdam, pay a visit to Artacasa at Kerkstraat 411, or online. Curious about which 5? Visit the website 😉

Soft pastels – November 21, 2021
I reveived my prize from the painting competition from Atelier magazine. Experimented with my new soft pastels. Great fun!

3rd prize painting competition – October 28, 2021

My painting ‘kitesurfer near beach’ has won the 3rd prize in the painting contest ‘through weather and wind’ of the Dutch artmagazine Atelier! Yes!
The jury: “the painting is smoothly painted, but never looks restless. The impasto contributes to the dynamics of the subject. The colors are beautiful, with a good balance of grey and color.”
And the best part, the painting is still available!

Atelierroute Driebergen –
October 2 and 3
After the Atelierroute in Leersum, it is now Driebergen’s turn. You are invited to visit me during the Atelierroute in Driebergen on 2 and 3 October. My paintings can be viewed at the Rodenbergsedreef 14 in Driebergen. There are new spectacular round paintings to be seen! Come and see! Of course everything is coronaproof. Coffee is ready!