Atelier Artmagazine – February 25, 2022
Hello from page 22 in Atelier Artmaganzine!

Beauty is just around the corner – January 15, 2022

Beautiful right, and for me only a 10-minute bike ride away.

I tried out a new water mixable oil paint today. I like the idea of not having to use white spirit anymore!


Perspective and light – January 6, 2022

Perspective and light. That is what I hope 2022 will bring. Best wishes to all!


Looking back – December 27, 2021

From my perspective as a painter 2021 was a great year. Painting was one of the things that was still possible during corona. Nature did not care much about it either. I like plein air painting very much! I saw beauty in each season. The bright green and blue of spring, the sunshine of summer, the colours of autumn and the snow and frost of winter. I have made almost 50 landscape paintings this year. Several have been sold. It is very nice to make other people happy with a painting. On to 2022!

Art gallery ARTACASA – December 10, 2021

What a beautiful art gallery Artacasa is! And even better, as of today five of my paintings are on display and for sale there! If you happen to be in Amsterdam, pay a visit to Artacasa at Kerkstraat 411, or online. Curious about which 5? Visit the website 😉

Soft pastels – November 21, 2021
I reveived my prize from the painting competition from Atelier magazine. Experimented with my new soft pastels. Great fun!

3rd prize painting competition – October 28, 2021

My painting ‘kitesurfer near beach’ has won the 3rd prize in the painting contest ‘through weather and wind’ of the Dutch artmagazine Atelier! Yes!
The jury: “the painting is smoothly painted, but never looks restless. The impasto contributes to the dynamics of the subject. The colors are beautiful, with a good balance of grey and color.”
And the best part, the painting is still available!

Atelierroute Driebergen –
October 2 and 3
After the Atelierroute in Leersum, it is now Driebergen’s turn. You are invited to visit me during the Atelierroute in Driebergen on 2 and 3 October. My paintings can be viewed at the Rodenbergsedreef 14 in Driebergen. There are new spectacular round paintings to be seen! Come and see! Of course everything is coronaproof. Coffee is ready!

Light sea in magazine ‘Leisure Painter’ – September 2021
Because I won a painting competition, my painting Light Sea was featured in the English painting magazine Leisure Painter. Isn’t it nice? I am happy with it!

Masterclass The Light of Zeeland – September 2021
How wonderful to paint for two days with other painters and painter Hans Versfelt. We went to paint in Veere. A slightly different theme than usual, but still fun. If you know someone from Veere 😉