View my paintings – June 1st, 2021

My paintings will soon be on display in several places!

  • I participated in the Hans Nijhof Art Prize. During Kunst-Event (Art Event) at Landgoed Zonheuvel (16-19 July) participants can show their work.
  •  I participate in Driebergen Art. I have a match with Panterhuis, the shoe shop in Driebergen with shoes of excellent quality. In September (4-22) two paintings will be on display in the shop window.
  • In cooperation with Veldartnetwork I participate in the Kunst Atelier Route in Leersum on 4 and 5 September.
  • You can see my paintings during the Atelierroute Driebergen, October 2nd and 3rd.
  • Of course my paintings can also be viewed at my home by appointment.

Plein air season is started! – May 24, 2021

Spring has begun and so has outdoor painting! It is always exciting to paint in public. But actually the reactions of passers-by are always positive. Spring splashes off the paintings. These paintings make me want to lie down in the grass for a while. Green is my new favourite colour! I submitted some for the Talp Open painting competition, so they will be available later.

Winner of the public vote – May 2nd, 2021

With your help, ‘Reed at lakeside’ is one of three paintings that received the most votes from the public in the National Atelier’s landscapes competition. One voter commented: “I find the purple touch in the water a refreshing choice. The light and dark of the reed with the blue water in between gives a nice depth. It’s a nice serene image.”

I didn’t win the competition, but the vote of the public is the most important, right? Thank you!

Birthday weekend – April 5th, 2021
We rented a little beach house for my birthday weekend. The weather was not very nice, but it did provide spectacular views! I made three paintings this weekend. One of them fell in the storm, the other two I will add to the shop.

Submission Hans Nijhof Art Prize – March 25, 2021
I have submitted three paintings for the Hans Nijhof Art Prize. That is a prize for artists from the region where I live. With this prize, the Cultural Region Foundation wants to support artists and make art more visible. The paintings depict places around my home town of Driebergen. I took a photo of each painting at the place depicted. My 6-year old daughter took the photos. Wish me luck!

Snow and ice – March 4, 2021

We had some beautiful days with snow, ice, sledging and skating! I made several pictures so I could create some beautiful snowscapes later. They have to dry, but here you can have a sneak preview!

Thank you! – January 29, 2021

In the beginning of this year, I launched the website Thank you for all the positive comments! It makes me blush! And it gives me a lot of energy in this difficult times.

During this month I sold some paintings and I also submitted a painting for a painting competition. Exciting!

I am happy to announce that I created some new paintings. They still have to dry, but I will add them to the website soon. Here you can see a preview. Nice landschapes painted with juicy thick paint.

Hello world! – January 2nd, 2021

Welcome to my new website! It is live and I’m very happy with it. I will share my experiences and paintings with you.

Enjoy! Marieke